The Great Outdoors Reimagined

Discover your adventure in a whole new way with the only true Four-Seasons wheelhouse on the market. No longer is there an offseason for your passion, TEAM LODGE provides a versatile hybrid that can seamlessly transition between seasons.



Innovation & Integration

In order to create the most practical and versatile wheelhouse on the market, we strive to stay on the cutting edge of innovation. Our design engineers are willing to try make any concept work, and are constantly formulating new ideas and revisions to consistently make each unit better than the one before.

In addition, we rely on customer feedback! We make Team Lodge owners’ voices heard, and more importantly we integrate many of their suggestions to improve our design and eliminate fail points. After all, who knows Team Lodge wheelhouses better than our loyal customers?

Team Lodge Mission


Here at Team Lodge, our goal is perfecting the true Four-Seasons outdoor experience, one adventure after another. We take our commitment to quality to the next level to ensure that every owner can rely on their wheelhouse at all times, wherever it may take them.

Four Seasons, One Wheelhouse

Warm in the winter, cool in the summer. Camp in comfort with enough sleeping capacity for all your family and friends or haul your motorcycles, four-wheelers, and side-by-side to your favorite vacation destination. If hunting and fishing is more your style, no problem! Ice fish in luxury with your game on or use a Team Lodge as your lavish base camp on a hunting trip.

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