Summer camping season is in full swing, and the fall hunting season isn’t too far off in the distance. Whether you are a solo person heading on a road trip, a family of four or an avid hunter heading to the back country these are five must-have accessories to go with your Team Lodge!

1. Solar Panels: Power is a crucial thing when heading out for a trip with your toy hauler. There are campsites that provide electricity, but these are not always in the spots where you will want to be with your Team Lodge.  
Generators also provide an alternative form of power for your toy hauler, but can be bulky, loud and also stink up your clothes or vehicles.  
This is where solar power can bridge all these gaps by providing a power source to your trailer without all the hassle no matter where you are camped! You can find many options for solar but most recently we started offering solar packages to new Team Lodges builds as well as retrofitting previous models right at our shop!

Solar on a MYLO

2. Big Frig Cooler: Another South Dakota made product, a Big Frig cooler is the perfect thing to tote along with you on your next trip in a Team Lodge! Not only will this cooler easily keep your beverages and food cold for multiple days it also has a built-in divider that easily transforms into a cutting board.

Big Frog Cooler

3. Retractable Laundry Lines: We all know how much we can overpack for a trip and how often our clothes and gear can get rained on or soaked from the mud. There is nothing worse than trying to find a place to hang your gear and let it dry out. Retractable laundry lines are the perfect solution and can easily be put away and out of sight within seconds.

Retractable Clothes Line

4. Exterior Rug/Mat: How many times have you cursed underneath your breath because of all the dirt and mud that gets drug into the trailer after a rain shower or day of trail riding. Not only will an exterior rug help cut down on dirt and mud but also provide a great place to store your footwear and keep the trailer floor clean of all that clutter!

Exterior Rug

5. An Awning: Ever been stuck to the inside of your toy hauler due to the fact it is raining or extreme heat? This is where our Solera Awnings that we offer from the factory come in handy, they will provide much needed shade on those extremely sunny and hot summer days and will also provide a hideout on those rainy days.  
It also provides a great shelter for camp gear to stay out of the snow and rain. They only take a few seconds to set up and take down and worth every penny they cost! Trust us on this-you will find many benefits to an awning!

Extreme 2 Awning

As one starts to travel and explore more with their Team Lodge’s you will start to learn what else can add to your adventure experience. These are just five things we know that will elevate that experience even more! 
Here’s to a great July and hopefully lots of memories made in a Team Lodge!

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