The term toy hauler is not a new term in the outdoor recreation world by any means. There are many types of toy haulers out there but what is new to the market is the fact that we make a toy hauler that has a frame that will lower to itself to the ground.  
Now this can be done manually or hydraulically depending on which model you have. You may think to yourself why the heck would I ever need the ability to do that? Well, here are 5 reasons why your next toy hauler should lower to the ground. 
1. Ease of Entry and Exit 
How many times have you walked out of your camper and forgot that you have a considerable step down to the ground? Most places we are taking our toy haulers are going to be where we are out and about trail riding or ripping around in our side by sides, dirt bikes or even four wheelers. Most days you are not back to your camp until after dark and we so often forget about that step up into our accommodations for the night. Trust us on how such a small thing can pay dividends in the long run. Your ankles and feet will thank you later. 

Toy Hauler vs Camper

2. More Stability  
Most toy haulers and campers come with some sort of stabilizing jack system that helps shore up the stability of the unit. Our Team Lodge units allow for an even more stable and secure campsite when lowered to the ground. Whether it is a blustery day in the sand dunes or a family weekend at the trail head with kids full of energy and ready to jump around before bed, you will be glad that you had the most stable of rigs when you are kicking back to relax after a long day outside. 
3. Less Incline for Loading and Unloading 
This may not seem like as big of a deal at face value but by lowering the toy hauler to the ground and almost eliminating any sort of incline for the loading and unloading of your toys; you are reducing any sort of risk of damaging your toys or the interior of your toy hauler.  Motorcyclists take note as this is a very beneficial thing when loading your bikes into the trailer on a wet and rainy day.

Polaris Ranger Team Lodge
4. Less Draft 
How often is it windy at your campsite? Well, there is nothing worse than having a cold draft whip its way underneath your toy hauler and start to cool your accommodations down. Lowering your toy hauler frame to the ground will help prevent that windy draft from getting underneath your trailer. Pair that with our closed cell spray foam insulation and you will drastically reduce the amount of propane you need to use to keep the interior temperature of your toy hauler regulated.

Grand Lodge Lowered
5. Convenient for Ice Fishing 
Now this benefit may not hit home with all toy hauler owners but for those located across the ice belt it is an added benefit being able to utilize your toy hauler throughout all four seasons of the year. When making an investment in a product like this it sure helps that it doesn’t have to sit dormant for half the year and can be the ultimate base camp out on the frozen lake. 
With all that being said, next time you are in the market for a toy hauler check us out and we are sure you will see the benefits of having a trailer that lowers to ground. View all of Team Lodge’s toy hauler models here

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