1. We have been in business for over 20 years. 
Team Lodge dug its roots back in the early 2000s by a few avid ice fishermen who sought to bring quality, innovation, and affordability together into the greatest fish house possible. Two decades later, our focus has expanded into building the ultimate wheelhouse and toy hauler for all facets of the outdoors. The year 2021 brings a change in ownership to Team Lodge, and with it comes a revitalizing breath of fresh air. Spurred by our passion for adventure and all things outdoors, we seek to apply our creativity and passion to launch our trailers to the next level and set the standard well above our competitors. 
Extreme 2 Sunset
2. You won’t find one nail used in our toy haulers. 
Our toy haulers are constructed to withstand the use and abuse they will see whether traveling across a frozen lake, creeping down a rough two-track trail in the mountains or off-roading in the sand dunes of the southwest. Therefore, all our frames, cabinets and components inside our toy haulers are constructed with Torx screws so at the end of the day one does not have to worry about nails working their way-out during travel. 

3. We utilize a header construction on our toy hauler builds. 
Durability and longevity are key factors in purchasing a toy hauler and our 2×6 header construction that runs length wise from the back to front of the trailer helps shore-up and makes our toy haulers ready to withstand most anything that can be thrown at it. Next time you are near a Team Lodge toy hauler, push your fist against the outside wall and you will see just how strong our construction is. 
Header Construction 
4. We use closed cell spray foam. 
Ever wonder how our toy haulers stay so cool in the summer and warm in the winter? Well, you can thank our closed cell spray foam insulation that is utilized throughout the walls and ceilings of our trailers. Not only will this keep you comfortable throughout all four seasons of the year but adds rigidity to our toy haulers to add on to the durability component.  
Ps….an optional upgrade on all our toy haulers is the ability to spray foam the floor as well. 
Spray Foam Interior
5. You can fit an elephant in our Grand Lodge……kidding but we do have industry leading garage space! 
Our toy haulers are built with HAULING in mind. Whether you need to haul an UTV to the trails, dirt bikes to the track, a four-wheeler to hunting camp or enough toys to keep your family of 5 occupied on a weekend camping trip, you fill plenty of space throughout all our toy hauler models. See our UTV Matrix to find our most current dimensions and garage space for each model. Keep in mind that we recommend measuring your specific rig to see exact dimensions before purchasing one of our toy haulers!
Polaris Ranger Crew Cab in Team Lodge Toy Hauler
Now that you know 5 more things about Team Lodge, we hope you can see the value and benefit of our toy haulers!

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