As a Four-Seasons wheelhouse, a Team Lodge has application in nearly any season’s outdoor sports. Ice house, hunting shack, base camp, toy hauler, camper, you name it. The only purpose that never changes is luxurious experience.

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Ditch the tent and hard ground, a Team Lodge provides multiple interior beds and bunks to keep you off the ground on your hunting trip. Haul your ATV along with you to give your legs a break, and cook up some of your harvest on the cooktop included in the full kitchenette.

When you return from your long day of chasing game all across the county, be assured that a warm and dry hunting lodge awaits you.



The original Team Lodge purpose was a quality ice house, and the primary design has not changed. All models can come with ice holes in the floor to drop a line or rig tip-ups. The entire shack also has the ability to be lowered and set flush on the ice with either a hand-crank, electric winch, or hydraulic system.

Models also come with a 32” TV and stereo to keep you entertained during your well-deserved break from everyday life.



The biggest problem with wheelhouse camping in the summer is the heat at this time of year. We solved this problem in our units by installing an Air Conditioning unit that comes standard in all models.

Experience camping season in a whole new way with a camper that drops all the way to the ground, creating a nearly zero-entry respite for your family and friends!


Toy Hauler

No need to leave your expensive toys at the mercy of the elements while traveling to your favorite snowmobiling or off-roading location, Team Lodges come standard with a ramp door to haul them. All interior furnishings are designed to fold away in order to create cargo space for traveling.

Load up your snowmobiles, motorcycles, or a four-wheeler for safe and dry transportation. Some models can even accommodate a full size side-by-side!

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