It is officially the first day of Spring and we are all itching to get out and cure our Spring Fever with a nice camping trip. Before hitting the road with your trailer, there a few simple things that should be done to kick off the upcoming camping season.

1. Check your trailer tires for proper psi. There is nothing worse than loading all your gear into your camper and realizing there isn’t adequate tire pressure after sitting dormant all winter. 
2. Plug your trailer lights into your vehicle to ensure all signals and lights are properly working. 
3. Check your batteries. Ensure proper connection on all battery terminals and give them a trickle charge for a few days if they haven’t been on a charger throughout the offseason. 

3. Top off your propane tanks, this will ensure you have plenty of fuel for cooking and that you won’t be cold during those cool Spring nights. 
4. Check your generator. If you are an off-grid camper, now is the time to check that your generator is ready to roll and is functioning properly.  
5. Connect your camper to power and test all electrical components of your trailer. There’s nothing more frustrating than getting out to your campsite for the first time this season only to find out that you have a loose wire or bad connection.

6. Give your camper a wash! There is nothing worse than winter road grime or debris that collects on your camper during the offseason. Giving your trailer a proper bath will not only make your trailer look great but also help extend the life of it. 

7. Give your trailer a thorough walk around to inspect that everything on the exterior is in tact and proper.

8. Lastly stock up your camper for the coming season. A few essentials items every camper could use at all times are:
-Toilet Paper
-First Aid Kit
-Basic Tool Kit
-Fire Extinguisher

Now that your camper is ready for its first outing of the season, it is time to start planning where to visit!

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