Innovation is one of our key values here at Team Lodge. Our model selection is designed to meet anybody’s individual needs and budget. No matter the core purpose of your wheelhouse, we have a model for you!

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Team Lodge Jr.

The Team Lodge Jr. is the smallest and most economical model we manufacture, but still contains most of the luxury options offered in other units.

Nimble and light, the Team Lodge Jr. ventures where other models cannot, whether it be early season ice or densely wooded backcountry.


Team Lodge Extreme

The Team Lodge Extreme is our largest single-axle unit, and is the most widely renowned unit we manufacture. Standard sized, it is the base around which other models are designed.

The Extreme hauls most of your toys, serves as an amazing base camp in the woods, and provides an innovative and luxurious ice fishing experience.


Team Lodge Extreme 2

The Team Lodge Extreme 2 is the big brother to the Extreme, with an additional axle that comes standard. The tandem axle greatly increases the payload, allowing you to haul much more weight with much smoother towing!

Whether it be snowmobiles, motorcycles, or four-wheelers, the Extreme 2 will get your toys to where they need to go in luxurious fashion.


Grand Lodge

The Grand Lodge is the long-lost cousin of the Extreme 2. The models are very similar; however the Grand Lodge is 2 feet longer and the ceiling is 8 inches taller than its counterpart. In addition, the Grand Lodge will have a full water package, meaning it will have a shower and running water for a sink and toilet. Almost forgot to mention, the fridge that is included is 7 cubic feet!

This extra head room allows the toy hauler to accommodate a full-size side-by-side! Leave your other trailer at home, the Grand Lodge will keep your expensive vehicle warm and dry.


Exterior Color Options

Don’t see the color you want? Shoot us a message, chances are that we can get it!

Interior Finish Options

These are the two interior finishes we currently offer. The material is either a cedar, birch, or oak paneling that is laquered or painted.

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