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Here at Team Lodge we take pride in the product we build and are pleased to offer a 3-Year manufacturer warranty on all 2023 models and newer.

Attention new Team Lodge owners!! Please fill out the forms below immediately following your Team Lodge purchase. These forms are important to both of us. The warranty registration ensures your new unit is protected should anything happen and the customer satisfaction survey is crucial to our goal of providing the best customer service possible and enhancing the Team Lodge buying experience.

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Team Lodge Warranty


Team Lodge trailers are one of the most unique in the market and we are happy to offer our 3-year limited bumper to bumper warranty on all our 2023 and newer models to back them up.  Our 2022 models and older have our classic 1-year limited bumper to bumper warranty.  No hoops to jump through, just bring your Team Lodge trailer to an authorized Team Lodge Dealer.   

Team Lodge Limited Warranty Details: 

 Team Lodge warrants each new Team Lodge trailer to be free from structural defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 3 years from the date of purchase from an authorized dealer.  

Certain non-structural components are warranted by their respective manufacturers’ and therefore are excluded from the limited warranty provided by Team Lodge.  These components include but are not limited to:  Frame, side rails, cross members, sub-frame assemblies, batteries, brakes, tires, wheels, axels, jacks, light fixtures, windows, and all other components that maintain separate manufacturer warranties.  Warranty claims for such third party manufactured components must be filed with the respective component manufacturer’s warranty department.

Team Lodge warrants its paint finish to be consistent with the industry standards for 3 years from the original purchase date for all 2023 models and newer and 1 year for all 2022 models and older..  Condensation or water damage will not be covered when caused by other than leaking from a factory finish of the exterior of the trailer.  Frame painting is not covered by warranty.  Warrantable paint repairs are limited to spot repairs and blending consistent with industry standards.  Deterioration due to use or exposure, such as chipping, scratching, fading, cracks in caulk seam, road salt, tar, other chemicals, pressure washing, or damage by animals will not be covered.  Rust streaking originating from areas where it is virtually impossible to achieve total paint or powder coat coverage, i.e., behind rub rails or where two or more metals adjoin, are consistent with industry standards and are not covered. 

Team lodge warranties its lumber finish to be consistent with the industry standards for 3 years from the original ship date on all 2023 models and newer and 1 year for all 2022 models and older.

 In the event of a defect in material or workmanship covered by this warranty, Team Lodge will:  Correct the defective work or replace the defective parts on a no-charge basis at our manufacturing location, reimburse the Team Lodge authorized dealer by paying a sum not exceeding the price charged by Team Lodge for such work or provide for repair of the defect or replacement of the defective parts by an authorized Team Lodge dealer.  Any issue must be reported in a timely fashion and will be handled within a reasonable time after the trailer is returned to an authorized Team Lodge dealership.  It is the sole decision of Team Lodge to determine the best method of repair.  All Warranty repairs must be pre-authorized by Team Lodge before any reimbursements shall be made.  Photographs may be required of items that are thought to be defective in order to approve reimbursements. 

Exclusions and Limitations: 

Except where prohibited by law, the following are not covered by warranty; incidental or consequential damages, loss of time or wages, loss of use, rental of substitution equipment, loss of revenue, personal loss, inconvenience, towing charges, travel expenses, lodging, telephone charges, freight charges, fuel, loss or damage to personal property to include any and all contents, shipping damage, commercial loss, and cost of meals.  

Damages due to negligence, misuse, overload, or made to perform beyond recommended specifications by the warrantor, corrosive materials, or a failure to provide proper maintenance per industry standards will not be covered under warranty. Damage resulting from continued use after a suspected defect is or should have been discovered will not be covered under warranty 

The warrantor does not warranty any modifications (s) made to either the interior or exterior of the product, even if damage occurs as a result of a warranty claim. Defects and/or malfunctions caused by accident, abuse, misapplication, damage, vehicle collision, unreasonable use, or failure to provide maintenance are not covered by warranty. 

Damage due to catastrophic weather conditions is not warrantable.  Any trailer used as a rental unit or as part of a combination rental unit are not covered.  Normal wear items will not be covered due to normal wear and tear.  These normal wear items include but are not limited to flooring, paint, brakes lining (s), tires, struts, lights, batteries, hinges, bearings, and hoses, etc. 

Damages sustained during delivery are not covered by Team Lodge.  Delivery damages should be noted by the dealer at the time of delivery and reported.  All cosmetic damages on any surface reported after retail purchase will be denied. 

Transportation cost to and from Team Lodge authorized dealer, factory location or approved repair facility are not covered and will not be reimbursed.   

Team Lodge trailer repairs made outside of warranty at the Team Lodge manufacturing facility are subject to a fixed hourly rate of $120.00 US dollars plus parts and materials.  

Team Lodge authorized repairs are subject to a fixed labor rate and only factory authorized replacement parts.  Team Lodge reserves the right not to pay unreasonable cost for replacement or repair of defects to a Team Lodge Trailer, and may at its discretion, establish reasonable reimbursement or parts for any authorized work performed under the terms of this Limited warranty. 

Team Lodge is not responsible for any damages caused by breach of any warranty both expressed and/or implied.  Online registration within 10 days from retail purchase is required to obtain this Limited warranty.  Team Lodge makes no other express or implied warranties which extend beyond those described in the above policy.  

This Warranty is non-transferable.  If the product is transferred or sold, it is no longer warranted. 

Team Lodge reserves the right to make the final determination as to whether any of the above exclusions may nullify a warranty claim. 

The provisions of the limited warranty shall be interpreted and governed pursuant to the laws of the State of South Dakota. 

Any questions regarding our stated warranty policies may be directed to:  Team Lodge (605) 880-6335  

For all Team Lodge Warranty Claims please call 605-695-8841

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