Application season is here for Western states and we are a few days away from attending the Western Hunting and Conservation Expo in Salt Lake City. This has our minds on hunting season and how to make the most of a hunt with a Team Lodge!

When it comes to hunting, preparation is key. From the vast expanses of the Rocky Mountains to the sprawling prairies, every hunter knows that having a reliable base camp can make or break the success of a hunting trip. That’s where our toy haulers come into play, offering unparalleled versatility and convenience to elevate your hunting experience to the next level.

Whether you’re tracking elk in the rugged terrain of the Rockies or chasing pheasants across the open prairie, our toy haulers are designed to meet the unique needs of hunters from all walks of life. Here’s why they make the perfect base camp for your next hunting adventure:

  1. Spacious Storage: One of the biggest challenges of hunting trips is hauling all your gear to remote locations. Our toy haulers feature ample storage space, allowing you to stow away everything from rifles and ammunition to camping gear and outdoor equipment. With designated storage compartments and customizable layouts, you can easily organize your gear for quick access when you need it most. Also, with industry leading garage space our toy haulers are designed to haul your ATVs, UTV,s E-Bikes and anything else that you made need to get further in the back country.
  2. Comfortable Accommodations: After a long day of hunting, there’s nothing better than returning to a comfortable and cozy base camp. Our toy haulers offer all the comforts of home, including plush seating areas, fully equipped kitchens (on most models), and spacious sleeping quarters. Whether you’re enjoying a hearty meal with fellow hunters or unwinding by the outside by the campfire, our toy haulers provide the perfect retreat after a day in the great outdoors.
  3. Off-Grid Capability: Many hunting trips take you far off the beaten path, where access to traditional amenities may be limited. Our toy haulers are equipped with off-grid capabilities, including solar panels, lithium battery upgrades and water storage tanks, allowing you to enjoy all the comforts of home even in the most remote locations. With the ability to power your essentials and stay connected with the outside world, you can focus on what matters most – the hunt.Solar_Blog
  4. Versatile Design: Whether you’re using it as a base camp or a mobile hunting lodge, our toy haulers offer unparalleled versatility to suit your needs. With customizable floor plans and innovative features, you can adapt your space to accommodate everything from hunting gear and ATVs to sleeping arrangements for your entire hunting party. From spacious living areas to rugged exteriors, our toy haulers are built to withstand the demands of the hunt, wherever it may take you.
  5. Convenience and Mobility: Hunting trips often require flexibility and mobility, with the ability to move quickly and efficiently between hunting spots. Our toy haulers are designed with mobility in mind, featuring great ground clearance, rugged tires, durable frame and towable options that make it easy to navigate even the most challenging terrain. With the freedom to explore remote hunting grounds and set up camp wherever the hunt leads you, our toy haulers provide the ultimate convenience for avid hunters on the go.

Our toy haulers are the ultimate base camp solution for hunters of all kinds. Whether you are hiking the mountains in pursuit of elk, walking the prairie behind “man’s best friend” chasing pheasants, or simply need a comfortable retreat after a long day in the field, our toy haulers offer the perfect blend of versatility, comfort, and convenience to enhance your hunting experience. A Team Lodge is guaranteed to make your next hunting trip one to remember!

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