Why Us

The Team Lodge Difference

What sets Team Lodge apart is the multifunctional application, structure and build quality, and the sheer versatility of our units. Whether it be camping in rough backcountry of the Rocky Mountains or staying warm and cozy on the frozen tundra in search of hungry walleyes on the ice, the lift/lower capabilities of our units create maximum stability as it sets flush on the ground.

The interior contains a mixture of contemporary and proprietary design concepts that allow all furnishings to fold or stow away, optimizing storage and hauling capacity without sacrificing the necessities of RV camping.

This perfect medium of function and luxury has brought a unique dynamic to the toy hauler and camper market that is unprecedented in the industry. The cutting-edge exterior visual stays on theme with a smooth, sleek finish that is sure to turn heads on any adventure it may find itself on. Team Lodge creates the perfect appeal for outdoors enthusiasts of all caliber, such as hunters, fishermen, ATV/UTV off-roaders, hikers, campers, dirt-bikers, motorcyclists, mountain-bikers, off-grid lifestyles, and much more.

Team Lodge appeals to these demographics because not only can it serve a specific purpose in nearly any niche, but it simultaneously can provide function to all of them at once by combining characteristics and abilities of many different trailers into one ultimate unit!

We are the first toy haulers in the industry with the capability to accommodate nearly every side-by-side on the market! We achieve this all while maintaining functionality and versatility in order to provide the best trailer possible for Team Lodge consumers.

As we always love to say “Life is Better in a Lodge“!

What Sets Us Apart

  • Powder Coated Steel Frames
  • 2×3 Framed Walls
  • Torx Screws Throughout Trailers vs Standard Nail
  • Wiring Runs Routed Through Ceiling
  • Closed Cell Spray-foamed Interior
  • Lift and Lower Capability of our Toy Haulers
  • Multiple Quality Control Checks
  • State of the Art CAD Technology to Keep our Design at the Forefront of the Industry
  • Over 20 Years in the Industry
  • Proudly Made in South Dakota
  • Built for Outdoorsmen by Outdoorsmen
  • We listen to Feedback from our End Users
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